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About Us

caregiver accompanying an elderly womanSeniors In-Home Care Services, a well-respected home health care agency in Long Beach, California, provides an exceptional standard of nursing care to all of our clients and their families. It is our duty to serve their everyday health care needs through the quality personalized care we provide at home. We want them to be constantly near family so they may feel the unconditional care and support their loved ones have to offer. In these incredibly trying times, we believe there is no better place for elders to conquer their health challenges and the constant stress brought about by their illness than at home.

Our staff of experienced and compassionate nurses, aides, and caregivers are committed to supplying in-home care services in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and personal conduct. They are dedicated to the welfare of our clients and their families, constantly making sure they conduct services that would lead to positive results and significant changes for the better. For us, it all comes down to our patients being able to live happy and fulfilling lives at home.

We seek to promote independence in every single one of the services we offer. We want our patients to know that the challenges brought about by their illness or health condition should not stop them from living their lives. They should be able to do all the things they love such as tend to their garden, spend time with their grandkids, participate in family dinners, and engage in plenty of other daily activities that make them happy. We seek to provide the professional care at home that would allow them to accomplish all these things and more.

Seniors In-Home Care Services urges you to act now. If you feel that your loved ones are no longer living the ideal quality of life at home, call us! Institutionalization, as much as possible, should never be an option. Dial 562-787-8585 and make a difference today! Because your elders deserve nothing less than the quality care our agency can provide.